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Childrens Yoga with Yoga4all

We live in a crazy world with lots of stresses and uncertainties, we seem to be forced to become a certain way and lose track of who we really are. Through yoga we help children love themselves for who they are and what they can do, help them self-regulate their emotions, calm their nervous systems and to hopefully teach some life lessons whilst having fun through yoga at the same time.

Happy kids make happy adults and happy adults make for a happy world. 

Our sessions include breath awareness (and it’s link to our emotions), poses that improve focus and concentration, balance, strength and flexibility and most importantly, calm the nervous system. We always end with a relaxation - the most important part.

Each session is different and totally depends on the children and how they are that day but the overall intention is to help them feel ok in

their bodies, to have helped them regulate themselves and calmed their

nervous systems - reducing stress and anxiety.

Help children release tension from their bodies, regulate their emotions

and have fun with their bodies whilst learning about themselves and others. 

We breathe, stretch, smile and relax.

Peaceful minds have the ability to create a peaceful world.

We deliver classes in Southend, Leigh and Basildon

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