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Yoga on Prescription

The Yoga4Health on Prescription 10 week programme was created to support NHS patients to gain self care skills. Referrals made via GP, Social Prescribing Link Worker or Self-referral. 
Yoga techniques combined with modern medical science.

Free Yoga


Six weekly classes in specialist yoga therapy for those in recovery from addiction/alcoholism. Classes teach
self-care in building strength, maintaining balance and enabling the nervous system to restore in recovery. Clients use yogic tools to empower themselves in sobriety.


Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation is used to tame and calm the mind by introducing a narrow focus. 

Mindfulness is to be in the present moment. The practice of mindfulness and meditation has health benefits physically and mentally.​ This course covers topics such as, stress, emotions and Pain.

Yogatherapy LIST.jpg

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy can be effective in helping with physical or mental ailments such as yoga for; back pain, shoulder pain, asthma, anxiety and depression to name a few. Yoga therapy is available to all ages including adults and children, and those with Special Educational Needs.


Yoga for Parkinsons

There is lots of research being carried out on the benefits of practicing yoga to help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s.  Some of these benefits include improving balance and flexibility, lessening slowness, helping to improve mobility and build strength.

Breathwork can also help with tremours. 


Yoga Therapy Kids & SEN

Yoga techniques can be used as a therapeutic tool to help children and teens with physical and emotional challenges, including teens and adults with SEN.

Yoga4all are available to come out to schools and colleges to teach regular or one off classes.


Yoga for Healthy Backs

Yoga for Healthy Backs enables self- management for back problems, using yoga and relaxation skills – appropriate to the individual. The course teaches postural awareness and mindfulness to aim for lower back health, as well as positive physical and mental wellbeing.


Yoga for Dementia

Yoga can be very beneficial for people living with dementia.  It promotes activity by improving balance and co-ordination. Yoga also helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and helps to promote relaxation. Sessions are chair based incorporating gentle movement and relaxation.

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