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Yoga4Recovery is a 6-week pilot programme in Southend-on-Sea.

Six weekly classes of specialist yoga therapy for those interested in, or already in recovery from addiction or alcoholism. 

Free Yoga

The classes are tailor made to help those in recovery learn and utilise self-care tools such as building strength, maintaining balance, and enabling the nervous system to restore in recovery. 

The classes utilise basic yoga with an introduction into the power of meditation and relaxation,

which is not aligned with any religion. Yogic tools are used for empowerment in sobriety
and the course can run alongside the 12-step program they attend.


No prior yoga experience is required. 

All yoga can be easily modified to suit all ages and health conditions.

Clients must be clean and sober on the day to attend class. 


Instructor Lisa Horwell is a Yoga therapist who specialises
in addiction and recovery. 18 years sober - just for tod


Next programme will commence


Wednesday 7 June 2-3pm. Free

Balmoral Community Centre

(small hall at the back of the centre).

Contact us to express an interest.

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