Zen Meditation & Mindfulness Course - 8 Weeks

The Japanese word Zen comes from the Sanskrit word dhyana which means meditation.

Zen practices have been around for 1000’s of years with their roots in India, then travelled to China and Japan. 

Meditation is used to tame and calm the mind by introducing a narrow focus.

Mindfulness is to be in the present moment. 

The practice of mindfulness and meditation has health benefits physically and mentally, 
with evidence of this continuing to gather.

This course is designed to help those who wish to become healthier and more efficient in their lives.

It covers topics of Stress, Emotions and Pain to name a few.

Homework is given each week to start to build a daily practice. 
Recordings are also supplied to support your daily practice.

8 Course in Zen Meditation & Mindfulness for Well being. .

Pre-recorded course to complete in your own time, access for 4 months. Cost £66

Next in-person course TBC