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The Yoga4Schools programme was initiated to enable primary school teachers to use yoga techniques in the classroom to help manage the health and wellbeing of their pupils.


Continuing lifestyle changes has resulted in increased level of stress and anxiety in children.
When a child is stressed and anxious it can be challenging for them to focus and to learn.


The Yoga4Schools programme aims to:

  • Enable teachers to deliver yoga techniques in the classroom

  • To create a calm classroom

  • To allow students to have motor breaks throughout the day

  • To enhance focus and concentration

  • To prepare the student for learning

  • To wake students up and increase creativity

  • To improve posture for sitting comfortably

  • To improve listening skills

  • To support physical, social and emotional health of students. 

The programme is initially a pilot scheme delivered via a workshop.
To enable primary school teachers to deliver breathing practices, various yoga poses, relaxation and mindfulness practice.

There is also an online library of videos that can be accessed in the classroom via pre-recorded video sessions.
Access to the library is an annual subscription. 


Contact us to discuss the requirements for your school. 

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