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Yoga4all are offering a specialised twelve week course in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, researched by The University of York, Department of Health and Sciences, York Trials and Arthritis Research Uk. 


Back discomfort is a common problem.

Now there is an innovative evidenced-based way to improve back health and function. The ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme gently and progressively aims to help people get back to being more active again.


Our holistic twelve week course is designed to teach how to self manage back problems for the long term, address stress management and relaxation skills, encourage an increase in physical activity – appropriate to the individual, teach postural awareness and mindfulness and aim for other, additional lower back health, positive physical and mental health outcomes. 


The next 12 week course starts; TBC

Booking required. 


Leigh Community Centre, 

Elm Road, Leigh on Sea SS9 1SP

Cost £132 for the 12 sessions, plus resource pack to be purchased at a cost of £60 plus p&p. 

Email us or call 01702 475700 to reserve a place,
or book through our website.


Download the leaflet below for more information.

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