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Kids Yoga returns to Leigh Community Centre. By Nina Barnard.

The return to school after the long summer break can be difficult for some children.

These difficulties can include getting back into a routine, anxiety about a new teacher, a new class, being separated from a parent or carer. These are challenges that our children face at this time of year, every year. Now, imagine being out of that routine for five months!  Along with the recent lockdown, parents’ feeling worried and anxious – this can all add up to a very stressful time and some children will find it exceptionally difficult.

This is where our Kid’s Yoga & Mindfulness class can be extremely beneficial.

· The classes gently focus on classic yoga asanas (poses). 

· Creative activities are used for mindfulness tasks.

· Games are played and the classes finish with pranayama (breath) practice and savasana (relaxation).

In my previous blogs, I have detailed the extensive benefits Yoga & Mindfulness can bring to children. Importantly, we create a space for your child to share their thoughts and feelings.

We use poses to help with concentration and focus, building physical strength, balance and stability.  This can all help with a child’s overall confidence. 

Breathwork is used to show children how to self-regulate if they are feeling worried, anxious or upset.

Due to the COVID regulations, our classes will be slightly different.

· Children will be required to bring their own yoga mats

· Children should bring a small selection of colouring pencils

Please do not send your child to the class if they are showing any COVID 19 symptoms.

· Please ensure your child’s hands are washed prior to joining the class.

· Hand sanitiser will be supplied.

Our class will restart at Leigh-on-Sea Community Centre on Thursday 10th September, from 4.15pm-5.00pm. Cost £36 per six-week term. 

Booking available online at; please select the YOGA CLASSES tab, then Yoga for Kids.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact page, if you have any questions or concerns. 


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