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Yoga for Kids - Classes in Leigh-on-Sea, Sept 2019

New classes starting in Leigh-on-Sea. Six weekly sessions start;  Thursday 12 September & Thursday 07 November, term time only. Suitable for 5-11 years. Thursdays 4.15-5pm,

Leigh Community Centre, Elm Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 1SS

Cost £36 per six-week term, payable by bank transfer. Instructor Nina is DBS checked and fully insured. 

What are the key benefits of children's yoga?

Yoga and mindfulness can promote the following:

· body awareness

· co-ordination

· mind-body connection

· strength

· balance

· flexibility

Can yoga help with concentration at school?

Yes, absolutely. Practicing yoga can improve concentration and behaviour and also:

· can help children with ADHD

· teaches self regulation 

· promotes inner calm

· mind-body connection

· can decrease aggressive behaviour and hyperactivity

· can also help reduce stress and anxiety using mindfulness, breathing and grounding techniques

Will my child need any special equipment, clothes etc?

Yoga mats will be provided.

Comfortable clothing - leggings/jogging bottoms, t-shirts

What can children gain from practicing yoga?

My aim is to provide children with a space to sit, recognise and understand the emotions they are feeling.

Breathing techniques will be used to promote the parasympathetic nervous system, teaching that they have the ability within themselves to become calm.

Yoga poses will build strength and flexibility.  It is non-competitive and teaches children the process of learning, by showing that there are many ways to achieve a pose and that we are all different.

It is a privilege to see the transformative effect of yoga on young people.

Post written by Nina Barnard - Kids Yoga Instructor for Yoga4all.

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