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Is Lockdown impacting your child's mental health? Yoga for Kids FIRST SESSION FREE

I think I can safely say that we are currently experiencing an unusual time and the recent weeks have been challenging in many ways.

Children enjoy a routine, most love their teachers and many enjoy spending time with their friends.   All of this has stopped for them and this can increase fears and anxieties which may not be shown in obvious ways.

Your child may be experiencing sleep issues, may want to be close to you more than usual or, like my own daughter, who is 7, asks many questions – trying to make sense of it all in her own way.

My own yoga practise has helped me enormously and I feel extremely grateful to be able to share this through my Kid’s Yoga classes. I have been teaching an on-line Kid’s Yoga & Mindfulness class from home, and although different from our usual classes, we are making it work for us!

A yoga class can give children a space to share their worries and fears – we start each class by checking in with each other.  We also share the new and exciting things we have been doing while at home.

Yoga can help children concentrate and focus and this can increase confidence and help them make good choices. Yoga poses also help build physical strength, balance and stability.

Breathing techniques are used to show children how to sit quietly with themselves. We learn how to listen to our breath, how this feels and how it affects our bodies.  We learn how to become calm and how to be still.  This can really help during the bedtime routine.

Join us at Yoga4all for a FREE TASTER CLASS for Kids on Wednesday 20th May 3.30-4.15pm. Classes there after are only £3. Book to join the class online at Classes are streamed via Zoom which will need to be downloaded beforehand.


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