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Back to school....

As our children return to school and we come to the end of the first week, it's a good time to encourage them to check in with how they are feeling. We quickly get back in to our routines and our fast pace lives commence once again. This can be overwhelming to children after the slower pace of the summer holidays. New classes and teachers, along with the start of sports clubs, new subjects and additional homework - can all bring a certain amount of pressure.

A yoga class can give children a space to share their worries and fears, someone to talk to that isn't a parent or teacher - completely separate to the school setting. A place to also share the new and exciting things they are learning.  To be with other children in a non-competitive environment where someone else may share something that will show them that they are not alone.

Yoga poses can help them focus and build strength. Breathing techniques and mindfulness can also show them how to sit quietly with themselves - help to slow the pace down again a little.


Kids yoga class starting Thursday 12th September 4:15-5pm - Leigh Community Centre.

Please see class information for more details or contact us at

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